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The Outback Musician's Survival Guide - One Guy's Story Of Surviving As An Independent Musician





Amazon Customer Reviews: 

Phil Circle tells it like it is--will make you laugh and cry. 5 Stars.
Just finished reading this book. I loved it-- a real glimpse into the ups and downs of a musician's life--no holds barred. A moving and informative read. Get it!
Honest and Entertaining. 5 Stars
When I finished this book, I thought to myself, "You could not make this stuff up." This is brutally honest, and wildly entertaining, look at the ups and downs of scraping out a living on the road as a musician, and the reasons that would compel a person to do that. The author's narrative style varies with the subject matter, and this takes a little getting used to at first. But the stories are so wild it is worth it.


A whimsical, informative, and sometimes dark collection of stories, anecdotes and observations about life as an independent musician, from the viewpoint of one with thirty and more years on the front lines and in the outback of the American music industry. Working his way through just slightly more than thirty years pursuing music as a career, Phil Circle makes unapologetic declarations, shares his struggles openly, observes his and others' mistakes and successes, and brings in some recent research that points in a good direction for independents everywhere. Through each story about a friend, discussion of the crafts of music, songwriting or teaching, and piece of data, Phil brings in his own life experience. A thread winds through the entire book that takes you from moments in his childhood that had a profound positive influence on his love of music, up through his early years trying to find a way to make music work, past various successes, into devastating despair, and back out into the light of realization that music needs no push. An open ended story meant to ultimately leave one with their own opinions about surviving as an independent, Phil Circle looks to make a few basic things clear over everything else. If you build it, they might not come, but you'll have fun. If you love what you're doing and work some skills into the mix, you'll survive and possibly thrive. There is always hope, even in the darkest moment, you are never alone.