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Back Home In My Sweet Home Chicago

After nearly six years living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, my wife Megan and I have found our way back to Chicago. We are now living in the northernmost corner of the city proper, a neighborhood known as Rogers Park, named after Philip Rogers, who moved to Chicago from Ireland in the early 1800's. We have a great apartment in this, the most diverse neighborhood (ethnically, age-wise and economically) in the city. I've already done a live online show from our "dining room", which is really more like our arts spill over room. Megan has her lighting for videography set up in there, and we've also hosted a workshop by the arts guru Bob Baker in the same room. It was called The Artist Empowerment Salon and we hosted the first ever in-house version of it. He normally has done his workshops in other kinds of venues.

With my health in a much better place, especially since I've done more to look after it, I'm happy to say I feel better than I have in years and am enjoying being so active. There've been a couple weeks in the last six in which I performed as many as five shows. I'm taking in students, utilizing the second bedroom as our music room, and continuing to write and record.

So, here I am, in the first neighborhood I lived in here in Chicago 30 years ago, back alongside the north shore of Lake Michigan. These were my stomping grounds growing up. I grew up in the second suburb north of here. It's great to be home, great to be busy, and great to catch up with everyone.

Please visit my Reverbnation page to hear my latest recording, a song called "What I Mean." It's available for download and will end up on an album. We've been recording my live shows in hopes of releasing a full live album, possibly this fall.

In the meantime, visit me at all of my various pages for daily updates. Many of them also feed to this, my main page, but you can be right there with the action as it happens day to day, if you like. Here they all are:


Twitter or @philcircle




And visit my eBay store, where I have a vast collection of items I've found, all stuff that I enjoy.

Enjoy your days, thanks for enjoying my music and I hope to see you or hear from you some day soon.

Peace and music.


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