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Here’s hoping you’re having a great lead into the fine month of May.

It’s been cloudy, cold and rainy for the last week here in Chicago. But hey! That’s what music is for (turn it up!) and that ole water thing is fairly important for the abundance of green our great city has within and around it.

I'm getting closer to completing the 2nd edition of my book The Outback Musicians' Survival Guide. Really, thought, the first edition saw such a small distribution, for most anyone, this is the first. Also, this one is going to enjoy a wider distribution, has a nicer formatting, new stories, and is more linear. 

I did all my research with the printing people and got it formatted properly for physical copies to be printed. Now I’m going through and getting each chapter and section lined up in an appealing sort of way so your read is easy. Of course, I keep adding stuff as I go. What’s that they say? There is no writing, only re-writing? I’m in full agreement. Even when I’m comfy with the initial gurgitation of a song or writing, I need to let it germinate for a minute. Then inevitably, I find something I can improve, however small. I write about this sort of thing in my book, along with stories both dark and easy and long thoughts on the business I’m attached to as the result of economy.


Buy an advance copy of “The Outback Musicians’ Survival Guide” now and you’ll help fund wider distribution.


Send $15 or more and write “OUTBACK” in the info field.


You can send any amount, really. I’ve had several folks grab copies of the book and leave it at that. I’ve had several folks send larger amounts because they could. As I reach my goal for this project of $1500 (I’m halfway and thank you!), the cost of individual printed books gets smaller and it becomes possible for me to get the set-up and distribution required for eBooks and POD (print-on-demand) through Amazon and similar outlets. If you haven’t checked in previously, I also like to point out that profits from this book DO NOT go in my pocket to pay bills and such. Every dollar from sales of this book will be flipped back in for re-printing (at first) and funding of my CD/DVD project already under construction (second).


If you didn’t get this in a previous message or even if you did and want to pass it along, here’s the link for an excerpt from my book.


This excerpt is about myself with my wife (to-be at the time) Megan and the late great Matthew “Matteo” Steinmetz on tour in Nashville. This section, from the “On Touring” chapter of my book, has been added to since I set it up on DropBox, but you’ll certainly get the idea. Most of the stories in the book offer some additional thoughts on someone or other in the story and how they’ve survived and thrived on the frontlines of the music industry.


By contributing to this project, you fund more projects by default. You also join the movement away from the mainstream.


I don’t tend to remain quiet about the work that I do. As a teacher, I’m always in a position to share my experience with students and aspiring young artists, and I happily do so. And speaking of teaching…


Our app-driven world likes reviews and ratings sorted by how many stars one has. While I’m sure I’m equipped to teach and many past students seem to agree, there are a lot of people who have no idea who I am or whether I’m good or safe or what-have-you. You can help them decide and help me build further on my growing roster. Any of the links here will lead you to a page I’m on where you can hit the stars and/or write a short review. It doesn’t have to be about teaching only. My work overall is just fine. Thanks for helping me adjust to the smartphone world. You have my gratitude, always. Review Link:


Thumbtack Review Link: Review Link:


Facebook Music Page:


Phil Circle Music on Google Maps:


Are you looking for lessons or know someone who is? I have a new campaign running on Groupon. This is for new students only and is introductory. After someone uses up their Groupon Voucher, I offer a graduated increase in lesson fees. So, it could be months before you’re paying the full rate if you get the five-lesson deal! There are deals for one lesson, three lessons or five.


Groupon New Student Intro Deals


Are you on Spotify? Here’s a link to my music on there. Please follow and share. I’ve been on there since forever, but keep forgetting to tell everyone! It’s a lot to do, this one-man business thing. Maybe I’ll get another intern. It’s been awhile.


Spotify Link:


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, clicking, sharing, contributing, and for supporting all of the independent artists in your world.


Continue to…


Be part of the movement.


Peace, love and the arts,



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