I will perform Five Days Of Online Busking. This will be a live worldwide video feed. The times are Central Daylight Time (U.S. and Canada Time Zones). You'll be able to interact with me thru messaging on the show page in real time and he’ll respond in between songs. Tips of various levels get you free stuff…signed CDs, downloads, signed t-shirts, even a Skype lesson with me or a live performance at your home by Phil Circle (In The Chippewa Valley, Wisconsin or Chicago only, for now). Tips are optional, you can also just throw a dollar in and watch. Visit the site at anytime to set up an account for free and/or watch other musical acts, buy a ticket for my upcoming online shows, see video highlights from his previous shows, etc. You'll need a credit or debit card to confirm your account and for tips and/or "entry fees" to shows. Using the site is free and you can even do your own webcasts once you have a profile set up.

Here's the link:


The dates and times (in CDT, U.S./Canada) are:

Friday, March 25th, from 7-8pm.

Saturday, March 26th, from 3-4pm.

Sunday, March 27th, from noon-1pm.

Friday, April 1st, from 6-7pm.

Saturday, April 2nd, from 4-5pm.


In the meantime, keep dropping back here for updates and such. 

Thanks for supporting independent music worldwide!

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  • Mar 30
    House of Blues Foundation Room,  Chicago
  • Mar 31
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