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Hello and thanks for following me.


As promised to everyone who does, here’s a link to your FREE BOOK EXCERPT:



It’s just over a dozen pages in a PDF from the 2nd Edition of my book:

“The Outback Musicians’ Survival Guide”

Stories. Thoughts. Notations. Anecdotal Evidence.

My life as an independent musician on the frontlines of

The Modern American Music Industry.

1986 to 2016.


My first edition included this excerpt, which has now been updated with new and (I find) exciting information about trends in the music industry. In addition, there are many whimsical stories about life on the frontlines, thoughts on everything from songwriting to teaching to touring, the losses, the victories, the online posts, and some pictures (not more than ten).


Here’s where I ask you for some help in getting this to press.


Printed copies of the book will run $15. It will also be available as print-on-demand (POD) through Amazon and other sites, e-book, and as a PDF straight from me. To complete all the set-up, pay for the printing of enough physical copies to keep it affordable, get it distributed, and all that fun stuff…I need to raise $1500.


You can be a part of this project by purchasing an advance copy of the book now.


Just go to my PAY HERE page and send $15. Write "OUTBACK" in the info field.


There. That’s it. You just got yourself a signed copy of my book and helped finance the final step in creating a book…paying the printer.


This is self-published, but I have set up a wide distribution network and have PR ready to go through people who know where to send it for reviews and other attention.


By taking part in this project, you have become a part of the movement away from the mainstream. This will be the second project off the ground. The first is the debut of “Songs…Our Stories” my new show that hits the ground March 5th in Chicago at Davenport’s.


So, once again…go to my PAY HERE page on my main site and send $15. In the notes, put “OUTBACK” and make sure I know how to get the book to you.


If you’d like to send more than $15, you’re more than welcome to. You can also visit my AUDIENCE FUNDING page to see other perks you can enjoy based on larger dollar amounts. Everything is part of a bigger project. It’s one big collection of Phil Circle, all for release soon.


My book will hit the “shelves” as soon as the money is raised. You can watch my AUDIENCE FUNDING page for updates on all my projects.


I’ve already raised money that has gone into on-site recording at shows and getting “Songs…Our Stories” off the ground.




CONTACT ME on my site.


Thanks for being part of the movement!


Peace and the arts.



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