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My long time friend and fellow musician, and a groomsman at my wedding, Lem Roby, was loading out his gear at a show in suburban Chicago, and came back in to find his prize electric guitar missing. Someone had stolen it. In the 15 years that he and I have played music together, nothing like this has ever happened, even when we played in rough neighborhoods in the city. He'd spent years customizing the instrument, including hooking up a synthesizer to the face of it that allowed him to get endless different sounds from piano to drums... ideal for a creative genius like Lem. He's a well respected musician in Chicago and loved by all who know him. He's always there for anybody who needs him... he's also been pivotal in my success over the years and is like a brother to me. I've learned much from his influence.

It sickens me that anyone, especially in a wealthy suburb, would even think of taking a man's instrument, his means for a living. Any musician knows how offensive such a thing is, how it's like losing a limb. Each of us have our favorite instrument that fits our hands like it was meant to be, that it is an extension of our personality and our art.

I've put together an online fundraising effort to raise any amount we can to help this wonderful man and brilliant musician recover his loss. He's starting from scratch to rebuild the completely custom guitar he lost. Please share this information with anyone you can.

To contribute any dollar amount from $1 on upwards, visit IndieGoGo and click on "Contribute Now."

Thank you, on behalf of Lem and all who value his work and friendship.

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