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and continue with the world of music.

I've been pretty busy teaching, grabbing up more students, booking and promoting, and yes...


I've written some new material, worked out many new covers (in my own fashion, as one should), and keep finding new venues willing to bring my unique approach to their stages. By unique, I mean that I'm not a parrot of others' music, even when I cover them. We can always grab a download or CD for that. I make a genuine point of choosing music on the simple (you'd think, but not always) concept, that if it moves you, you make it your own.

Last month, while in Chicago, I played a couple shows, lost my exhaust system and replaced it when I had hoped to be at a Cubs game (guess my car is a Sox fan?). After this, I went to the studio and recorded with George Belle again. This time, we did the classic Tom Waits tune "Time." It occurred to me to do this tune while surfing videos and recalling my college days, when a teacher of mine had me perform it for a school performance. I hope you like it. It's amongst "Da Coverz" here on the site (click the "Music" page) and you can have it for free, for now. In fact, all my covers are currently free.

I kinda pride myself in covering tunes my own way, even as I do end up doing some close to the original. Bottom line? If it moves me, I do it. I could care less if it's a Madonna tune... if it moves me, I do it. Or, in the words of the great American composer Duke Ellington... if it sounds good, it is good.

Hope to see you soon.




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