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I'm not a huge fan of the holidays for a few reasons, some personal shit I should get over, and one in particular being that we should all be maintaining a spirit of generosity year round. As far as the various religious holidays and the solstice that folks celebrate, go do so! But let's not allow it to become a great big excuse to over shop our credit cards and line our shelves with more stuff we may not need. Love thy neighbor doesn't mean give them another Blue Ray player... try helping them some other way and when they need it. When I get to my little year end run down on here, you're going to read words of the deepest appreciation for all so many have done for me. So, let's start with this idea I have... give something of meaning to someone who needs it and someone who doesn't.

Let me help.

For everyone who sends me proof of a donation they've made to any organization or individual, whether it be in the form of cash or an item of need, whatever the reason, I'll send you a copy of one of my CDs. What's proof entail? You figure it out. Do I care why the cash or item is needed? No. You decided the person or organization was in need and deserved it. Act on it. Is there a minimum? Well, $1 to the local homeless guy is probably pushing it, but $10 certainly wouldn't be.

If this goes well, in that I'm impressed by the results, I'll consider taking it past the holiday season.

Let's see how the gift of music can motivate.

And for those who are looking for basic traditional gifts, I've lowered all my prices on CDBaby.

Send someone to my guest book here and tell them they can have a free mp3 of their choice when they join my list!

Peace, love, music, and here's to the eternal holiday!

Sincerely, Phil

p.s., I encourage others to try this through their own work, in some way. If you do so, tell me about it and I'll spread the word through my various promotions as well.

Here are some suggestions for donations, if you'd like to support some of my favorites:

American Cancer Society. My Dad passed from it.

Chippewa Valley Free Clinic. I go there, as many here do.

Community Television in Eau Claire. They support the arts. So do you and I.

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