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First off, I hope you'll take a quick look over my last blog here and participate.

Now, on to what's next...

I'd love to have some great big news to end the year about a CD release and tons of radio play, but I've released three CDs in the last 15 months, receive regular play and am still waiting for the dreaded bad review, so I guess I'm par for the course. Am I bragging? Am I living up to the hot air that gives my ole home town it's nickname of The Windy City? Nah... I'm leading into why I'm deeply appreciative for these last 15 months or so, basically 2010 and the lead in to it.

It's been a rough year for a lot of people, the economy being just one source of trouble for folks. From my end of things, the first bit to go is entertainment and extracurriculars. Everyone goes out less and if they were doing anything like take lessons, they drop that, too. Without dropping numbers, suffice it to say that I made quite a bit more money just a few years ago than I do now. Add to these problems, my various health issues and lack of insurance, a move to a new town and the culture shock, it may be that I would be inclined to pitch a bitch about things. Well, I guess I do piss and moan a bit here and there. Ultimately, however, I can look over this year and realize the tremendous good fortune I have. My sweetheart Megan and I have never been on the street. We've been amazed at how life can turn in one's favor just when we wonder how we'll make it.

I honestly don't know how I've made it through life so far. There've been so many times I should've hit the wall and walked away unscathed. I've been offered death sentences and dark predictions and stand alive and strong. I waited twenty years to find the love of my life, my best friend and future wife. I'm smiling as I write this, not pouting or whining. I realize how fortunate a man I am. I would trade nothing and look forward to spending the rest of my life in the creative arts, exploring new ideas, new mediums, new methods, meeting new people, having new experiences.

Every day is a gift, even if it doesn't feel like it. My Dad, Bob Circle put it well and I quote him constantly:

"Son, life is a sonofabitch... if you can live with that, it'll be great."

True dat, Pops.

Hope you all have a fantastic holiday season, and once more, please read the post below this one, too. I'll see you in 2011 and let's all make it historic... individually and worldwide.


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