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How May I Help You?

We ask this when we answer the phone for a business, or approach a potential customer at a retail establishment, or maybe just to sound like we care.

So, do we?

When I ask someone this question, am I interested in how I can “help” them by selling them something? Or, am I interested in truly helping out in some way. On first glance, I dunno. So, I examined it more closely.

What is it I do for a living? More importantly, what is my motivation for living? Why am I doing the things that I do? What helps me to decide what to do next in my day? I’ve been giving these things a lot of thought lately. I’m working on an article about motivation for a local music publication…I have been for two months, now. I want to get it right. I’m reading a book called Drive. It deals with intrinsic motivation versus extrinsic motivation. I’m interviewing people with experience in this subject, either through their schooling or training or both. I’m not getting paid for the article. Why does it matter? That’s part of intrinsic motivation. I like solving puzzles. I enjoy sharing information. I love learning new things and creating new things as result of all the above. So, do I really care…whether and how I can help you?

The answer is an emphatic “YES!”

Do I care if I make a bunch of money through the sharing of my music and writing and efforts at education?

The answer is a shrugging “I guess”.

I make my bills. I have enough skills and enjoy continuing to build on them. I have opportunities to earn, and I’m fortunate that I can take them and have fun doing the work. I grew up in money, and I feel very fortunate that I wanted for naught in that area as a kid. But, I am also fortunate in that I didn’t decide that the money makes the man (or woman). My Dad went into economics because he enjoyed the puzzle of humans and behavior…behavioral economics. My Mom became a writer and musician for the love of it and parleyed this into an income when she needed to. Neither one of them gave me any crap for not becoming a businessman even though I apparently showed the skills to do well financially. They were happy that I was happy.

And now...

Here's how I’d like to be able to help you:

In appreciation for years of making my living as a frontline musician and with continuing the independent music movement and music education in mind, I'm offering some deep deals on my services, my music and my writing.




My 2009 release "Minutes To Circle" seems to currently be my most popular CD of the eight I've made. At least sales and responses from fans indicate that. I have no idea beyond that, so please do feel free to send your comments through my page at

It's always appreciated.

Donate $1 or more through my page with “MINUTES” in the info field. I’ll send you the ENTIRE ALBUM IN MP3 FORMAT. Don’t forget to leave your email.

But, what if you're enjoying this opportunity to join the movement away from the mainstream music market and just have to share your newfound tastes?

You may feel free to pass it along when you listen to it.

Or, donate and give me someone else’s email to send it to. Either way works for me. Whatever works for you.

Want more music that I’ve recorded?

Donate $1 or more with a different album title in the info field. It’s yours to listen to and share in the same fashion.

Here’s more…

I'm in the process of writing the 2nd Edition of my book:

"The Outback Musicians' Survival Guide"

It's a series of whimsical and informative stories, articles and anecdotes that reflect on life as a frontline musician, as seen by this 30 year veteran of the independent music world. I was Indie and DIY before it was called either.

As I continue to add to my book, revamp parts of it, reformat the layout, find better pictures or clean up the ones I've got, and generally make it all ready for a proper eBook and paper publishing, I have an another idea.

Hit the donate button on my homepage. Send any amount of a dollar or more. In the notes with your donation, punch in the word "OUTBACK" and I'll send you a PDF version of the book as it sits at the time of your donation. This means you'll get the First Edition of the book with whatever new material has been added and any new formatting that's occurred. Nothing has been removed except the pictures. You can see many of them on my various sites anyway. You'll not only get a new non-linear scannable read about the music business from the real world, but you'll have a totally unique version of it! I make regular changes to it. So, it's pretty likely that no two people will have the same version. But just to make sure, I'll label each PDF copy in the title page with your name. It will be your personal copy with my thanks. Or, if you buy it for someone else, I can label their’s. Just clarify this when you pay.

Here's yet another option. I'm really digging this.

Not only do I write, record, perform, produce, and massively enjoy music--

I teach it in many forms. Here's just a taste:

I've been coaching guitarists and vocalists for a couple decades. Along with this and giving the occasional full band a brush up session, I've helped many songwriters get going in their craft or break through writer’s block.

Interested in a little online session in one of these areas? Hit the donate button here on my homepage. And yep, send $1 or more. Write the word "COACH" in the info field, along with how to contact you online. I'll spend 30 minutes working with you via live video feed to anywhere in the world. We can sort out details beforehand so the actual live time is well spent. And, if you're a guitarist, I'll send you what I've got so far for my guitar instruction book! It's very much in its infancy, but hey! Take every resource you can find.

Would you like a personal live performance by me, for you and some friends?

Do the donate thing and we’ll set up a short set of me live to wherever you are in the world straight from my home.

Why am I practically giving it all away?

One thing I already mentioned. I’m appreciative of having made my living for 30 years doing what I love. Additionally, I create in hopes of improving someone’s life in some simple way. I hope that a song I write will touch someone’s heart. I write articles and have my book to entertain and inform. I know that if you like what I’ve written or recorded, you’re going to share it for similar reasons. So, please do. And, sure, it has been known to lead to a paid gig or a new student. But, it’s the trust I have in the universe that leads me first and foremost. It hasn’t been by my thinking that I’ve seen successes. It’s by trusting I’m on the right path. I’m going with that now.

I really enjoy what I do. I'd call it work, but I don't want to degrade it, ha. There's something pretty great about looking at your life when you're twenty and deciding you'd like to make a go of this creative thing, and then looking around thirty years later and realizing you still are. That's literally what happened to me. I just started one day long ago...and haven't stopped.

It's been the outside thinkers, the original listeners, the folks who tire quickly of the daily repeats, the ones who appreciate the arts for more than a minute, the people like you--that have contributed to my ability to give this gift. I'll continue to do my best to keep bringing it back to you. I hope you’ll be inspired to do the same.

Thanks for joining in and supporting our movement away from the mainstream.

Here's hoping we find more converts.

Peace, love and the arts.


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      It'll say "Donate to Milly and Mad Harry" That's my PayPal account with my wife.


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