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Join me on Patreon and make a difference in the world of independent music by becoming a patron.

In addition to my work as a singer-songwriter-guitarist, music coach, author, and DIY advocate, I'm spreading the word about my new page on Patreon. As you read this, if it's something you can't personally do, please consider whether you'd be willing to share with those who can. Thanks!

Patreon is a site dedicated to on-going funding for creative endeavors. It's been very popular for game designers and authors, but is now catching on for video production and music.

I'm looking for anyone willing to pledge $1 or more a month. The money invested goes to various things, including the development of new artists through my new and developing Guilt By Association Records Co-Op, scholarships for students with financial limitations, and other related work.

Every patron becomes a member of the private online group for Patrons of Phil Circle, has a say in where the money goes each month with direct access to me, and receives rewards that include recordings, books, special access to studio sessions and shows, and more. Which rewards you get depends on which tier you join (what dollar amount you opt in for between $1 and $500), but everyone gets a WAV file of one of my recorded songs every month along with various other resources. You can even request specific stuff, like something you saw I posted about in the past that you forgot to grab, or an unreleased version of a familiar song, chapters that didn't make the book, etc.

Whatever you choose, you will be directly involved in the next level of work that I do. You will be able to proudly say, "I am part of Chicago's lively music scene, I am a patron of the arts."

I hope you will give this some very serious thought. 

Join me now:

I would like to note that...

I know it's hard to decide which artists to support. I know it can also make one feel uneasy when committing any dollar amount to a creative project. Maybe you know my past. Maybe that makes you uneasy. Growth is part and parcel to why I'm so adamant about the work I do nowadays. If I can learn and grow, anybody can. Whatever your reason for not jumping into this patronage thing yet, I'd like to give a simple rundown of who I am and what I do. I literally pasted this from a blurb that I sent out promoting my work on Google, and changed it to first person. Here 'tis!

I receive regular radio play on independent stations throughout the world. I also do regular interviews with music magazines, blogs, and radio shows. Most recently, I've been featured throughout the UK and US with A.V.A. Live Radio, was interviewed by Middle Tennessee Music Magazine, featured on the Open Mics Chicago (.com) website, and have several features coming up. I'll be performing at the launch concert for the new music subscription service Timbredio (.com) in September. I carry a full roster of students of all levels and professional backgrounds.

My work as an advocate of indie artists and Chicago music means that it's a sure thing I'll be talking about our music city and the wealth of talent, especially in the independent scene, in every feature, and probably at every show. I know I discuss it in my book.

I've been doing this independent music thing since I was 20. I'm 52. It's never been all that easy and it's sometimes been downright painful. But I'm here to tell you, it's worth every step or misstep I've taken. Nothing great ever happens without hardship and hard work. Nothing good either. I look forward to continuing, and I hope to expand over the next year, to include aspiring artists in a cooperative effort to build on an already lively music scene, and exploit the opportunities being presented by a changing industry. No-one can anticipate what's next in the American Music Industry, but I'm quite sure it's going to involve more movement made by the independent artist.

With my deepest gratitude for what I have, and for what you've given it to me and so many others,


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