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Phil Circle Live at the Viaduct Theater from Chicago Acoustic Underground on Vimeo.

First of all, I hope you enjoy the above video from the Haiti Benefit back in March.

Second...the video above seems appropriate in light of a few things...

After two great days in New Orleans, a few things have occurred to me. One, this town is a blast and the people are wonderful. It's also hot, but that doesn't count among the few things. What else? These people are resilient as hell. First, Katrina followed by Gustav (a follow up hurricane), the economy crashes (no one thinks they can afford to travel to a tourist town), now BP decides to take 87 days to plug an oil leak thats dumping 45,000 barrels into the gulf a day, killing the fishing industry for the next six years in the area. I couldn't buy fresh oysters at a restaurant in the French Quarter today! And they'd have cost $6! I settled for fried alligator, which is really tasty and the same price. But the place was empty, as was Bourbon Street...according to a bartender last night. And yet these people remain upbeat and friendly. So, what's the third thing I realized during my stay?

If I can afford to make my way from town to town bringing music to the masses, living on small (if any) pay, tips (from people through my site and at shows), and merchandise and sales (both places, too); so can anyone! I eat, get hotels (hey, Priceline really works!), pay for gas, and have begun adding to my shows a little polite preaching about getting out on the road and spreading even limited amounts of money around. Help out the economy! More than that...give yourself a quality of life. I'm happier and more calm than I've ever been, even as I make my way from town to town wondering whether I'll cover the day after tomorrow.

Wanna support my little musical crusade? Spread the word...please...and thank you.

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