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Ah, the open road...and the inexpensive hotel rooms...and the cooler of food in the backseat that we live on...except of course when the venue feeds me. Loved the awesome food at Ri'chard's Louisiana Cafe in Nashville! I can't get enough of traveling for shows. I constantly meet new people, catch up with folks I've seen before, and even get surprised by old Chicago acquaintances who happen to be on the road. I hear a lot of, "music on the road must be a tough life, but I bet it's worth it when you're doing what you love." A truism about any work really. I sat last night on a bench in front of a little bar I had just played and an old man came out to join me for a smoke. He drawled on about how life's too short to anything but what you enjoy, and that a bad day doing what you like is better than a good day doing what you don't...and that much more so if you love it. I added with a grin, that I don't know anything but music, so I have little choice. He smiled and laughed through a few missing teeth. "Well," he said, "yer sure good at it boy. Hell, I'd starve if I had to live playin' music, don't have no talent." On his way out later, while I was sitting at the bar with my girl, he slipped me $5 and wished be good luck. Another fan from back in Chicago sent me $20 through PayPal after hearing and picking up my latest material. Every buck counts, of course, and is appreciated!

As I make my way across country sharing music with people in town after town, spending my days in The Little Blue Honda and nights in cheap hotels, I realize the need for a person to continue down their path. Music has been and remains my road. It's what I know and love. It's all I know. Hearing crowds respond with enthusiasm after a song, I know I've fulfilled my purpose for another music. I'm honored to be able to.

If you'd like to help us get across country sharing the gift of music, please hit the button below.

Thanks for keeping in touch and follow your love.


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