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Here we are, rolling into the completion of another year, 2014. If you’ve seen or heard less of me over this year, it’s because I’ve been enjoying a quiet life. Although it was somewhat health imposed, I’ve learned to embrace my nearly half century and have pride in my beat up body with the grace of Han Solo and his Millenium Falcon. If only I could go light speed still. But throw me into a fight for a cause, and I’m on it.

            I’ve thrown myself more into work that requires less extraneous activity. Writing remains a big sate to my creative appetite. I’m working on revisions and additions to build on a second edition publishing of my book which will include a hard cover and a great deal of expansion on its original coffee table approach. This has come at the request of readers who wanted to learn more, and the publisher who has picked it up, who wants me to expand in the way he knows I can and will. So, watch for The Outback Musicians’ Survival Guide, Second Edition, Hard Cover, Soft Cover and eBook. You can also read my blogs that include excerpts. Currently, you'll receive the first edition copy as a PDF or soft cover through my site. Just hit any PayPal button and specify your purchase and where and to whom it goes. $20 includes shipping for a soft cover. $10 gets you a PDF. The current version you’ll receive includes a few new stories, so call it version 1.5. You can also, of course, get books and CDs at live shows.

            I’ve also been continuing work on various stage and screenplays, hitting the stage as an actor here and there, and working on a new more specific musical acoustic project called The Bent Corsicles. It includes a gifted bass player whose work adds wonderful melodic lines to my songs and interpretations of other songs. His name is Bentley Harder. Alongside him, I’ve brought Megan Corse (my wife, but yes, she’s talented by others’ standards as well). She adds various percussion and is now a third of the front vocal work, even writing a few songs for our repertoire. Then it’s just me, Phil Circle. We’ve done a small number of shows, all to very positive response. The Bent Corsicles and I as a solo artist, will be doing a large number of online shows. We put on a house concert and stream it live worldwide through Concert Window. It’s free for you to listen, but you send tips if you like. I’ll be doing a series of five days straight at different hours in early January, followed by a big one with The Bent Corsicles in February.

            If you’d like to attend a live show of mine, you’ll want to get to Chicago once a month. The next Monthly Monday Acoustic Music Showcase will be January 19th  at LiveWire, followed by a monthly all nighter at Glunz Tavern on January 21st. Check my performance calendar for more details. Check the radio during the days leading up, I may make new appearances on some of my Chicago radio mainstays. Details on everything, including where to buy my music and book, even a link to my collections for sale on eBay, are listed and linked below.

            It’s one day in a year when we think it’s all ending or starting anew. It’s really just one day. Still, there’s never anything wrong with renewing your vision for the future, letting past mistakes wash away, and resetting your mental/emotional/spiritual computer. Get to it on your own terms. Mine include continuing to live with a passion for all I do and a sincere love and appreciation, even on my most jaded days. Here’s hoping I see you or hear from you again soon.




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