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I've played most every mid-sized venue in Chicago over the years. There are a couple new ones I haven't gone to yet, but all the oldies have been under my belt for awhile, including some that have gone by the wayside.

Chicago's House of Blues is the last of the oldies for me, and while I'm not playing the main stage (yet), this is a fun show to be adding to my list.

The Foundation Room at House of Blues has some great reviews for the food, atmosphere, service,, I'm guessing folks will enjoy that aspect of it.

As for me, I'll be knocking out two hours straight of solo acoustic material. Most of it will be mine (I do have enough), but I will add some songs by other people and as usual, give them my own twist. For instance, I've been playing with an 80's hit song that just somehow screamed "How would Leonard Cohen do it?". I have some new songs, and have been putting back in some older material of mine that's been getting dusty. And now that I'm less dusty, am feeling in great health and happy to be home in Chicago, I very much look forward to this show. Really! Can't wait!  Unless someone calls, this looks like my last show of 2016. I also expect this performance to be recorded for my upcoming CD/DVD/Book project. I'll share more on that soon.

Drop by The Foundation Room on Wednesday, December 14th from 6-8pm.

There is NO COVER CHARGE for this show.

I promise you I'll hand it all out with everything I've got.

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