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I've made a couple appearances on radio recently.

One on WPR, Wisconsin Public Radio, which you can listen to by clicking on "Listen Hear" to the left of this page; another on Northern Spirit Radio, a local online station. You can hear this one by clicking HERE.

I'm also working on an eBook where I'll relate stories, give advice and share research about being an independent musician, and various other related stuff from my 25 years in music.

You can read serialized entries every day on The Little Blue Honda Tour Facebook Page and my music page on Facebook.

I've also set up a way to participate in my live shows:

You can join for free and enjoy any show I broadcast.

"Like" the pages and please share.

Oh, and it's finally quit snowing here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Peace, love and music.


I will be moving back to Chicago for a short time before heading to L.A.

I will also be in Chicago for Labor Day Weekend doing shows and such.

I've been recording video interviews of various musicians I admire for an upcoming YouTube/Vimeo webisode called "Little Blue Roots" where we look at the true roots of the music that makes the "American Style" what it is, for good or bad. I recently witnessed a Wisconsin native burn a vinyl record on a 195O's record burner... he used a plastic plate from the local party store to demonstrate. It's time we look to why we have the roots we do, learn our musical history and give it a bit more attention.

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