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We're hanging around Austin, Texas for a few days before heading north again for a time. I played a show here two nights ago and my girl Megan has a photo shoot Monday and her birthday tomorrow. So, we're working from our hotel room at the Extended Stay. I went shopping yesterday to get us food I can cook in the room. It's a bit like having an actual apartment again. This tour has been full of great experiences and surprises. By the time we get to the North Woods of Wisconsin, we'll have been on the road six weeks and I'll have played dozens of shows. Megan has begun joining me on stage, my brother is building us a Cajun drum box for her to use at shows as well, and the new fans, new contacts and new friends I've found along the way are numerous. I really love the road...even wrote a song about it. So, keep following up with me, send your friends to the site here, thanks to everyone who added their support to this tour, and I promise I'll keep the music coming. After a break in Wisconsin, we'll be back on the road to continue The Little Blue Honda Tour. By then, Megan will have plenty of video footage from this trip edited for everyone to watch online or by purchasing the DVD. Remember to check my blog and the follow ups on past shows to read more about the adventure that is the road.

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