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So You Wanna Be In The Arts...


I'll bring you down easy like. So, you want to be an artist? You want to change the world. You have brilliant new ideas meant to inspire. I tell you to go for it. I tell you to go for it, while knowing the intense let downs you'll run into; the hell bent-on-making money venue assholes (I meant owners, but not all of them) you'll have to deal with; the pathological pathos that runs rampant thru our American culture; the people throughout the world that will listen with great appreciation to your work online (for free) and never buy a single download; the many mindless jobs you'll have to work to pay a pittance for rent in a shit neighborhood; the complete lack of respect and/or pitiful look you'll receive when you tell someone you're in the arts. Then, when you've latched on to this and are ready to throw in the towel and exit the ring, I'll tell you this: They need you, you chose it. Now give it your all or die with tremendous regret. See you in the ring.

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