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Glad to see that there's still snow on the ground the week before my birthday. I haven't experienced this since 1979... oh crap, guess this sort of gives you a sense of how freakin' old I am. Ah, well.

Spring has sprung here in my current home of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

I've been busy teaching a whole slew of new students, playing shows here in the lovely Chippewa Valley on a weekly basis, did a fundraiser for scholarships at Eau Claire Music School, and on less cheery notes, lost family and friends in close proximity these last few weeks. These are the times for which we have music... good and bad.

We celebrate all the times in our life through music. So celebrate. See or hear you soon, I hope.

P.S. Happy birthday to my brother Eric yesterday and to the late Bob Circle, were he alive, today.

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