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Well, I don’t want to call it work. It rarely feels like it. It’s true, you know. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Are there days that demand more of my patience and fortitude, wear on my aging bones a bit quicker, or feel somewhat more tedious? Absolutely. But, like any game, the game of life requires some work to be fully enjoyed as your skills improve. 
The featured item for this week’s message is a video short from a recent show in which I brought out the full-on electric band. The video is of me playing a solo over the classic blues song (as done by many rock bands) “Crossroads” by Robert Johnson. I’ve attached it to my promos for lessons, including those on my YouTube page. In it I use almost entirely, the pentatonic scale forms. These are probably the most used scales in rock and blues and exist throughout folk styles and in various forms throughout the world. I’m sharing this because I’m opening up more time for students at my home studio or through house calls, and now have a lesson portal online for teaching to and from anywhere. So, I thought maybe a sense of what I do might be appropriate. Check it out on my videos page (the main page you land on when you arrive on my site).
If you’ve had lessons with me previously or currently are a student, you can pick up a freebie (that's a free lesson) by referring a new student to me. And yes, freebies are transferable.
For those who are interested, here's the general info. I teach a lot of music related things, but primarily my students are in for guitar and/or voice. Hour long lessons start at $50, but the more you buy, the cheaper they get. I also have 30-minute lessons and rates for groups of three or more. Groups get to enjoy a 90-minute class. Typically, lessons are once a week, but I have students that go for more and some that come every other week. You can find out more details on my lessons and services page.
The same place on my page will tell you about other music related services like Hiring Me For A Private Concert or simply Hosting A House Concert. Once again...
As I have a break from any scheduled shows currently, I’m even more focused on the continuing work of publishing the 2nd edition (much wider distribution and more comprehensive) of my book The Outback Musicians’ Survival Guide. 
Here’s the link to download your FREE EXCERPT in PDF format, for those who still haven’t had a chance to grab it or are checking in for the first time: 
As I’ve mentioned previously, I already have the means to publish on a limited level. However, more people have joined the effort since my last message. You can still help me to make it more widely available by purchasing a copy in advance of The Outback Musicians' Survival Guide. 
Send me $15 or more with the word "OUTBACK" in the info field. 
Here's what your money will do: 
My final goal for funding the book is $1500. I'm a third of the way there now. I’m using my own money combined with advance purchases and tips (donations) of encouragement. $1500 is not a lot for a crowd funding campaign. The book, however, is only a part of a series of projects. 
Here's how I hope to make that $1500 into $4000 or more... 
By printing a larger quantity, I'll be able to make a more noticeable profit from each book. This initial seed money will also pay for setting up eBooks and POD (Print-on-demand) through Amazon, Apple, and more. Once this is all set, I have a service set up to handle direct marketing and PR (public relations) for the book. By flipping the initial run of books at a higher margin and selling through non-physical sales outlets, I hope to have a good part of the first investment back in short order, especially with a PR campaign behind it. What else?
Here’s what I’ll be turning book profits into. None of it goes into my pocket. It will all go into buying more books and funding my CD/DVD project that's been moving along this last year. I've been collecting audio and video from shows, then listening, watching, and editing. I have a full year’s recordings to draw from. I’ve already funded and paid for all of the on-site recordings and some studio sessions. I also plan on adding one or two in-studio tracks and some produced video footage. So, your initial investment in my book will help fund on-going projects. Your $15 or more could become $45 or more soon enough. For some of you who were involved prior to the official launch of these projects and the audience funding campaign, this is already happening. 
You can pay for lessons or anything I’ve mentioned from anywhere on this site: 
Remember, I’m always happy to hear from you. I received some messages after my last update. Thanks for checking in! You can get in contact with me to see about booking lessons or shows, getting involved in my audience funded projects, or just to shoot the breeze. 
I’m enjoying my down time from shows for the month of April, but keep an eye on future messages from me. I’m working out my calendar well into the summer. I’m also enjoying sneaking up on my 51st birthday on April 12th. I’m very glad to be here doing what I love, and happy to be always free to share it in any way I can.
Thanks for reading! 
I’ll catch you on the next update. 
Peace and the arts. 

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