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35 years ago today, The Edmund Fitzgerald sank under 25 foot waves and 85mph winds in Lake Superior, with all 29 hands going down with her. Living, as I do now, in the North Woods, only miles from places mentioned in the song and story, and the homes of many on board, it seems to hit home more than it did when I first heard the story and song when I was ten. Maybe it's the gails I've experienced since then, and even now, who can say.

Thanksgiving will be three months I've resided here. There's so much I like about this north country and her people. There's so much I'm still getting used to. There's so much and many I miss back in Chicago and from the roads traveled all these years.

I've also been visiting doctors way more than I'd like--as if anyone likes it at all--the past year and especially the past two months. Fortunately, I've found the best care here. It must be the cooler air and slower pace--and the Mayo Clinic. Although, I follow up through the free clinic for the $180 prescriptions. A good bedside manner helps more than I thought as these local guys try to get to bottom of what's had me laid up or fighting hard to keep going for much longer than I've admitted to anybody. Let's hope this current round of treatments knocks my health back to where I like it... good, well behaved, easily managed and easily pushed to the extremes that I've always thrived on.

I just worked out a new version (for me) of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" to perform at Saturday's show in the little town of Bloomer here in the vast and beautiful Chippewa valley. I'm listing upcoming shows below, but please always check my calendar for show dates and their outcomes, and my music page for new downloads. I just put two new ones up in the "Live Covers" section, recorded this last Friday.

"The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down..."

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