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After shows in Tallahassee, St. Petersburg, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, and Gainesville, we left Florida for a show in Charleston, SC. Now in Charlottesville, VA--where it was only 75 degrees when we arrived last night--Megan has so adjusted to the insane summer heat of the Deep South that she finds this cold. Not I! This is perfect weather...but not for long. After we visit Monticello (home of Thomas Jefferson), we're dropping in on some family of hers in D.C. and then visiting my old Chicago music friend Matt Baron in Bethesda for a night of jamming. By then, it'll be back in the upper 80's and I'll be suffering. But hey, that's what A/C is for, right?

After a night in Bethesda, MD, we'll be heading to New Jersey where I'll be playing in the Princeton area on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday, we hit Pittsburgh. Wednesday through Saturday, I'm off the grid. Sunday is St. Louis; Monday, Springfield, MO; by Wednesday we'll be in New Mexico for a few days before heading down to Fredericksburg, TX to stay.

Megan and I want to thank everyone who has bought merchandise or sent donations along the way! This has made a difference in getting us from town to town. I've added more information to the music and products pages here on the site and you'll find more of my tunes available on iTunes and a dozen other sites very soon. Have a look at the latest write up from The Gainesville Gazette. I'm really thrilled that the writer Josh Bauer understood completely where I'm coming from and going to.

I look forward to seeing old friends along the road and continuing to make new ones!

MUSIC: Little Blue Honda tour

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Joshua Bauer
Staff Writer
Posted: 07.28.2010

Five minutes into a conversation with Chicago born musician Phil Circle and you’ll know there are some who still put their soul into music, who do it for the love of the show and the joy of the crowd. Bringing a classically trained hand and blues/jazz/jam band roots to Backstage Lounge on Wednesday June 28th, Phil puts yet another mark on a tour summer tour calendar that’s gone from his new home in Texas to Nashville, New Orleans, and stops all over the Sunshine State.

Doing it all from his little blue Honda, this is a man who’s lived several musical careers in his 40 some odd years, travelling now to try and infuse some independent spirit into a music scene that has degenerated into radio replay of the same top pop. Working for enough money to travel town to town, encouraging and mentoring younger musicians along the way (often over beer and cigarettes in the smoky aftershow hours), he serves to remind that your love should never be relegated to a hobby.

For more years than most can hack it, Phil has been playing for any who’ll listen, sometimes giving it a little more Grateful Dead, sometimes a little more Willie Nelson, but always playing with great enthusiasm and talent. Whether it’s an Irish themed ditty (complete with fiddle accompaniment) or a more bluesy/countrified, steel guitar sound, the years of practice have birthed a sound to please most any musical palette and the dust from years on the road has given his voice a world-wise/weary sound that works across the musical spectrum. With such an eclectic style, his performances appeal to entire crowds of dissimilar listeners, ensuring that he’ll be enjoyed for many more years on this long, winding road.

Check out to hear more, to donate to this nomadic musician, and to encourage him to continue bringing his acoustic guitar driven, cross-genre sound to stages across the country. The man says it’s all he knows how to do and, man, does he do it well.

Phil Circle: Minutes To Circle

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