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What's Next Over Here?


Having successfully launched my new show “Songs…Our Stories”, I'm not letting up. While pushing a crowd funding campaign (or, as I like to call it “Audience Funded”) to supplement my own financial input for various projects, I'm looking to place the next most immediate project on the completed list. Here's details on that from a recent press release.

Below are show dates and such, too.

The Outback Musicians’ Survival Guide is a whimsical and informative look at living and working as a front line independent musician, written by Phil Circle. Sharing his own experiences over 30 years and offering insight for any DIY artist, Phil gives a straight forward run through the craziness, the heart breaks, where to find resources, how to understand an ever-changing industry and survive it, and even leans into some of the other outlets for cash that a trained musician can go to for rent and food. Written in the ever-inquisitive and often witty voice that friends and fans know him for, Phil Circle speaks frankly and digs deep.
This book is in its final rewrite and will be available in print, POD, eBook and PDF through most every outlet sometime in April. This will include the first edition (2013) with new material, updated research and some reformatting. The first edition was only available in print and not widely distributed. Phil Circle is supplementing money from his own pocket with money from other pockets by way of advance purchases of the book and/or simple audience contributions. Both advance purchases and contributions have brought this project closer to its goal for final publication."

Here's where you can go to pay for your book in advance ($15) and thereby help to fund it:

You can contribute to any of my projects and are welcome to add any amount:

Some people have gone for the price of the book ($15) or that and a "tip" ($20), others have gone much further ($100), which can also earn you other perks.

Just visit my AUDIENCE FUNDING PAGE for more details:

Or watch the video I made about it all:

Would you like to help in some other way? That's easy! Recommend my page. Or contact me:

My next three shows are back to my regular music performance style and all are FREE.

March 25th with the full band at Friendly Tap in Berwyn. 9pm til late.

March 30th solo show at House Of Blues Foundation Room in Chicago. 6-8pm.
This show just prior to when Richard Ashcroft hits the main stage in his XRT show.

March 31st solo show at Emerald City Uptown in Chicago. 7-9pm.


And remember, I'm looking to raise a total amount of $1500 to fully print and distribute my book in every way available and with a complete PR package. Either way, it's going to print. But with this goal reached through your help, the books will be more plentiful and their profits will be greater and thereby more effective at funding my other projects. See where I'm going with this? Your dollar goes on and on throughout each of my new projects. I flip the money once it's in. I don't pocket it. You really do support the movement away from the mainstream of music and the arts.

I'll keep taking what I learn through this fun and (to me) fascinating little campaign and sharing it with other DIY and independent artists. Remember, I've been doing this since "DIY" and "Indie" weren't even used. And I still am, because of people like yourself. I can't stress this enough. The support I've received all of these years is exactly why I'm still doing it. Thank you.

Peace and the arts.


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