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As I enjoy a great first review for my book, with a couple more in process, I've scheduled an official book launch here in Chicago. It's more or less like a CD release, only in a book store. I've chosen one of Chicago's oldest independent book stores and a place I frequented over the years, mainly to hang flyers for shows in the neighborhood. Some of the stories in The Outback Musician's Survival Guide take place in the Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood where this is happening. It's also, coincidentally, where Nelson Algren lived when he was writing about the underbelly of Chicago decades ago.

Sales have been steady enough so far, but I'm making the push for wider exposure. The e-book was stalled because the formatting was beyond me and I've had to hire someone to do it for me. It will be done soon and I'll certainly let everyone know. Remember, you can join my mailing list from any page of my site, on my ReverbNation page or my contact page. This will get you weekly updates that I lay out in a scannable fashion for quick perusal. 

Now, I'm looking at how I might move to the next level of exposure for my work. As a creative person, my primary concern is to create. My secondary concern tends to be making money, and my tertiary concern is typically promoting to a wider audience. With the promotional end in mind, I'm looking to develop new audiences by doing house concerts, book readings, and live stream video performances. If you're interested in hosting a house concert or would like to have me do a live stream show at s specific time of day or night, contact me from any page on my site. Or use the contact page directly. For more info about my live stream concerts, click here. 

I'm guessing my book will provide a new audience for my music and, of course folks that already enjoy my work tend to tell friends. The main thing is that I write music for it to be heard and this book was done in hopes of helping someone, somewhere, and to simply entertain. I'm grateful for your support and to every venue who's paid me, and every person who's bought my music or services. For every thank you I receive, I owe a hundred. Thank you for reading.

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