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Here you'll find a series of links to people, places & things that Phil likes, extensions of him, traded links, sponsored links, or recommended friends and places.

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Facebook Fan Page for Phil

Simply a bit more focused on the music and less on personal interaction with all my old high school buds.

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Phil Circle on YouTube

Video's of live shows, life on the road, interviews... and enjoy my favorites, too. Subscribe to find out about new stuff.

Phil's Reverbnation Page            

This is where my email updates originate from. It's synced up with all my social media like this site. You can also buy individual tracks of my music there, including some unreleased ones. From there, I have it set up for 50% of download sales to go direct to Charity Water. They help provide clean water to underdeveloped regions of the world. Otherwise, it's pretty much like my Facebook Fan Page. In fact, they're integrated with each other.

Friends and Favorites - Trades and Sponsors

Ted Wulfers Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

What can I say, Ted is one of my favorite local entertainers and a great friend!

Ahhh, the stories we could tell!

Chicago Acoustic Underground and Michael Teach

Michael Teach is a dear friend and one of the most dedicated people I know when it comes to helping young musicians to get their music heard and generally promoting the music of Chicago.

He puts on shows on a regular basis,

and provides Chicago Acoustic Underground as a fantastic sourse of podcasts featuring hundreds of acts.

Check it out!

You can search for my name and hear my live show in his studio from 2007 with the band in tow.

Megan Corse

My lovely wife, actor of stage and screen, Megan Corse.


George Belle

You may have noticed that I've included this gentleman (and indeed he is) to two groups of links...Musicians' Resources and Friends and Favorites. Well, see this award winning engineer and producer of two of my CDs is also a close personal friend. By the time we had spent four months on recording 20 tracks, we had also shared personal history, personal struggles (some that came while working), and some really good times. I am proud to call this icon my friend. Here is a man that puts one a degree from many great musicians and producers. Ask him about George Martin, Jimi Hendrix, Barbara Streisand...he's met them all and shares without it ever sounding like a brag. He's a very matter-of-fact kinda guy and as I write this, I miss him and am looking forward to stopping in Chicago soon to visit with him again. A true treasure of a man. Check him out.

Cheeky Chinchillas

I have a chinchilla named Bob Rosado and was searching for more information on caring for him.

I found this great site with tons of useful information and decided to link it from my site.

What's a chinchilla? Check out the site and learn more!

Information on all aspects of caring for pet chinchillas, including the general care of your chinchilla, feeding, health, pictures, videos, sounds that chinchillas make, and much more...

John Pearse Strings

Breezy Ridge Instruments and John Pearse Strings are one and the same. They are also endorsers of me. I've been using their strings since 1989. They began endorsing me some time later. I'm not completely sure why their strings are so great, but I've tried everyone else and they don't match the Silk and Phosphor-Bronze Light Gauge Acoustic Strings I use on my guitars. Most everybody I've turned on to these strings has stuck with them.

Scottish McMillan

Having run out of time as the release neared, I was unable to do my cover of Scottish's song called "Born Into Money" on my latest release "Da Coverz. I expect to get it into my next studio project, however.

Scottish is the musicians' musician.

I've always loved his work, both his technical skills vocally and on guitar, and his versatile writing.

He absolutely lands among my top five favorite Chicago songwriters.

He's also a huge advocate in favor of helping out aspiring and established Chicago musical artists, and will not shrink from offering a strong or controversial opinion on what needs to be done with the music scene.

You're missing something if you don't check him out.

Jeff Churchwell

Another of my top five favorite Chicago songwriters, I never get tired of his song "Infrared."

Have a listen to Jeff's work with his new band Left Turn At Albuquerque.

He's also, like me, a Mac buff, having worked for Apple for many years until becoming a stay-at-home Dad.

A great guy, a great talent, but he'd never tell you so.


Chicago Studio Club

What do you need to know more than Fred and Tracey are huge supporters of Chicago's scene, coming out to shows and recording live video, then going viral all over the web for what? Their love of the Chicago scene. Oh, and if ya need a good plumber, contact Fred.

Artist G. Lyle

This is the site for a visual artist/poet/musician friend of mine in Chicago.