All That I Am

by Phil Circle

Released 2010
Guilt By Association Records
Released 2010
Guilt By Association Records
An autobiography of light and dark in thirteen virtuosic tracks, written from truth and poetry.
Phil Circle is a singer/songwriter/guitarist born, raised, and seasoned in Chicago. Although friends, family, and fans across the country regard him highly as an unbelievable talent (thanks in part to 2010’s successful "Little Blue Honda Tour"), his beautiful guitar playing and voice are little heard by the mainstream. What’s unique about Phil Circle is his eclectic style, and poetic lyrics, something attributed to his ability to change the music he writes with the changes in his life… the pen hits the page to record the human condition. There is great honesty in his songwriting, so style never enters his mind when he writes. The “sound” of Phil’s music that most record labels look for is not something that can be easily pigeonholed, which often leaves interested parties perplexed as to how to market him. Bottom-line, Phil Circle’s music spans genres and touches every listener out there, allowing fans to find something of their own life that they will relate to in his music. They hear their voice in his.

Phil’s training came early on through private coaching and later a Bachelors degree from Columbia College in Music Composition and Performance. He studied under jazz great William Russo and was mentored by Corky Siegel. Phil’s jazz, and later classical, training lends greatly to his very unique style of music. He has been performing and touring for 20 years, and in addition has been a teacher of music for the last 15. Phil prides himself on being a teacher of aspiring musicians and hobbyists alike, an attribute that spills over on the music scene as Phil mentors fellow musicians and friends on the ever-changing music industry.


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