The Unsung

by Phil Circle

Released 2013
Guilt By Association Records
Released 2013
Guilt By Association Records
Music by lesser-known songwriters and lesser-known songs by some you may know, this album features the music of eight different songwriters, all performed by Phil Circle.
On this album, Phil Circle tackles music of lesser known songwriters like himself, along with a couple lesser know tunes by well known artists. With every song, he brings his own brand to it. On "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young, he plays it on ukulele, for instance. The classic Irish rebel song "The Patriot Game" is performed on a baritone guitar. Everything is done in classic songwriter style on acoustic guitar, with the addition of a string quartet on Jeff Churchwell's "Infrared," slide guitar on several tracks, and some light drums on several songs; using brushes on "L.S.D. Survival Song" by Ted Wulfers, to emulate the waves lapping the shores of Lake Michigan, along which Lake Shore Drive runs in Chicago. "No Closer To Home" by Mark Taylor beckons all Rolling Stones fans to listen, it being closest to an electric band and very bluesy. All of the songs Phil chose were written by friends of his from Chicago, with obvious exceptions of "Harvest Moon" and "The Patriot Game." Celebrate the unsung artists and songs. Listen to something that leaves behind the cookie cutter of the mainstream. This was Phil's goal with this album.


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