John Pearse Acoustic Guitar Strings - Phosphor Bronze & Silk Wound Light Gauge

These are the strings Phil Circle swears by and has introduced countless students and fellow professionals to. This particular blend of silk and phosphor bronze creates a beautiful tone with a comfortable bend that holds the tuning. They sound great from the moment they're on the instrument; no need to break these strings in for a couple days or more to get rid of that tinny sound most new strings have.

These retail for $20 or more.

$12 per set includes shipping.

Be sure to give details, including shipping information, in the info field when you pay.

Gauges are as follows:

E-1st   .011        B-2nd  .14         G-3rd   .023W

D-4th  .029W     A-5th   .039W     E-6th  .049W