Podcast Episode 10

Phil Circle and Lem Roby


Phil Circle speaks with fellow Chicago songwriter, studio owner, session musician, and music coach, Lem Roby.


They discuss the complex question of "What is music?" and look into how curiosity and courage are keys to creativity. They also discuss country music, tribute bands, Elvis Impersonators, and we learn of their longtime friendship and hear a few reflections on their experiences.


Lem Roby fronts the band Jack Salamander, considered by many inside Chicago's music scene to be one of the city's best kept secrets. The son of an educator and a writer/editor for Encyclopedia Brittanica, Lem is not lacking in knowledge and shares it in a very accessible and laid back manner. 


This was recorded on the evening of May 20th, 2019 at Lem Roby's recording studio in a Chicago suburb, known by many as "The Possum House."